Spring 2023 Release


Introducing the CMap Spring 2023 Release

For the past several years, the most popular pieces of product feedback can be summarized in two sentences: "introduce daily working hours" and "introduce booking time off in hours".

The clear #1 priority, we listened and acted. Because the upgrade involved a fundamental change to how CMap thinks about "time"—the essence of CMap—the impacts are far-reaching.

The good news is the vast majority of the work exists behind the scenes, but there are significant changes to the interface—which are also big improvements! Take your time to work through the product tours below—they'll guide you through the changes and ensure you feel confident.

CMap Spring 2023 Release Webinar

This webinar steps you through the product tours, providing additional guidance and context. Click the image to load.

  • Intro (00:00:00)
  • Managing Time Off Allowances (00:11:52)
  • Booking Time Off (00:39:14)
  • Half Day Public Holidays (00:48:17)
  • Time Off Type Color Coding (00:52:30)
  • Time Off Calendar Views (00:57:25)
  • Time Off Summary Report (01:03:00)
  • Time Off Status Report (01:05:22)
  • Question Mop Up & Closing (01:06:20)


Managing Time Off Allowances

This product tour covers:

  • Setting daily working hours
  • Rules which trigger time off allocations only being managed in hours
  • Managing time off allowances in days or hours
  • Switching time off allowances between days/hours
  • Bonus: Managing accruals


Booking Time Off

This product tour covers:

  • The new "Request Time Off" modal
  • Booking time off in hours, half days and days


Half Day Public Holidays

This product tour covers:

  • Changes to the "Public Holidays" admin tool
  • How half days public holidays appear in the time off calendar


Time Off Type Color Coding

This product tour covers:

  • The new "Time Off Calendar Colors" tool
  • How color coded time off types are visualized in the time off calendar


Time Off Calendar Views

This product tour covers:

  • The new "Type"-based view
  • Heat map filter when looking at multiple users


Time Off Summary Report

This product tour covers:

  • A new "Allowance Unit" column
  • A new "Allowance Unit" report filter


Time Off Status Report

This product tour covers:

  • A new "Allowance Unit" column
  • A new "Allowance Unit" report filter





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