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How does the integration work?

It is envisaged a large database of companies and contacts will be maintained in HubSpot for marketing purposes, and a smaller database of companies and contacts will be maintained in CMap for project purposes. The integration tool has been built such that, when a HubSpot deal progresses to a certain deal stage in HubSpot, this will trigger the creation of a potential project in CMap. 

This is an automatic push once the integration tool has been implemented, so there is no requirement to “run” the integration tool. 

Key data objects in HubSpot & CMap

Companies & Contacts

Associated with the potential project in CMap, will be the company and contact that the deal had been assigned to in HubSpot.  If the company and contact do not already exist in CMap, they will automatically be created at this stage. 

To mitigate duplicate companies and contacts being created in CMap, it is important that for Company and Contact records that exist in both HubSpot and CMap before implementing the integration are exactly the same. If companies and contacts are named even slightly differently in HubSpot and CMap and a deal is pushed to trigger a potential project, then CMap will create new company and contact records.

Potential Projects

CMap requires several mandatory fields to be completed in HubSpot, to successfully add a potential project.  These fields must be set up and configured in HubSpot and mapped to CMap to create a potential project.

Once a potential project has been created via the integration tool, when certain fields are updated in CMap against that potential project (e.g. Project value), the updates will push back into HubSpot and update deals accordingly. 

What happens next?

Once the potential project has been triggered the intention is that from then on, the project is maintained in CMap.  If the CMap potential project is lost or won, this will update the deal in HubSpot. 

Companies and contacts that are not mapped between CMap and HubSpot via either of the two scenarios above will not be synced and benefit from the bi-directional updates. 

Lastly, companies and contacts that have been created in CMap via HubSpot (i.e., the Company or Contact record did not exist in CMap when the deal was pushed or companies and contacts that have synced via a Deal being pushed to CMap) will be continuously kept up to date via a bi-directional sync. 

See below for a visual representation of the HubSpot integration tool as described above:


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