Create, update and search for a Contact

The central part of a CRM is your contacts database. In CMap, we’ve imaginatively called this ‘Contacts’. This is where you store all the contact details for your clients, suppliers and partners, and can set follow-up reminders to help maintain those relationships. This article will outline the steps you should take to add and maintain a Contact record in CMap. Each Contact is associated with at least one Company record.

In this article, you'll learn how to: 

  • Create a Contact 
  • Update a Contact Record
  • Search for a Contact                

Create a Contact

Add a Contact via the Contacts tab

    1.  From your Dashboard, head to the CRM tab. Select Contacts and then click Contacts.
    2. You will see a Grid View of the Contacts in your CMap instance. Click the mceclip5.png icon at the top of the Contacts Grid and select New Contact.

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      Grid Views in CMap can be customized to allow you to view more information as required.

    3. Complete the New Contact form. Ensure that the Contact does not already exist before creating a new Record. 

      Mandatory fields are shown with a green asterisk (*).

      Field Name Description

      Contacts need to be linked to a Company within CMap. CMap performs a text-match search to locate the Company in the database.

      Note: A Contact can only be associated to one Company.

      Postal Address

      The address to which the Contact belongs to.

      Contact Owner

      The internal person who has the lead relationship with the Contact.

      Main Contact Are they the main Contact at the Company or not?
      Accounts Contact Are they the main accounts Contact at the Company or not?
      Tags Tags are used to enhance your CRM, by assigning properties/attributes to your company. Typing * will reveal the options you have available.


    4. When you’ve captured the necessary information, click the Save.

Add a Contact via the Companies tab

  1. From your Dashboard, head to the CRM tab. Select Contacts and then click Companies. You will see a list of the Companies in your CMap instance. Click on the Company’s name that you would like to add a Contact to. You will be taken to the Companies Details page. 
  2.  You will see the Company Contacts box on the right-hand side. If you click on the mceclip4.png icon, you will be taken to the Add a New Contact page. 


  3. Then complete the details as explained in the Add Contacts via the Contacts tab section above.

Update a Contact Record

    1. From your Dashboard, head to the CRM tab. Select Contacts and then click Contacts.
    2. You will see a list of the Contacts in your CMap instance. Click the Contact you would like to edit. This will take you to the Contact Record page.

    3. You have two options for how to edit the Company Record:
      • Click on the  icon next to the Company name
      • Click on the Actions menu and select Edit from the dropdown menu

      You will then be taken to the Contact Details page and can make any necessary changes.

    4. Once you have added/updated the required information, click the Save button in the bottom right-hand corner.

What else can I update in the Contact Details?

Using the Actions menu, that can be found in Contacts Details page, you can perform the following:

  • Edit: Make changes to the Contact details
  • Delete: Remove the Contact from the database
  • Convert to a Lead: Convert the Contact to a Lead
  • Set Contact as a favourite: Set the Contact as a favourite so you can filter your Contacts by those marked as favourites.
  • Set Contact allowed to 'No': This sets the Contact preference to "Do not contact" so that the Contact is not contacted during any marketing campaigns.
  • Save Contact to Outlook: Click here to read more.

Search for a Contact

You can either use the Universal Search or Contacts Grids to search for a Contact.

Use the Contacts Grid

The View that you are using will determine the results. It is recommended to start a search from the All Contacts view to ensure the Contact you are looking for is not omitted.

In the top row of the relevant column you wish to search in (for example, Client Company, Project Title etc), begin to type the name of the Contact you are looking for.

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If you wanted to search by a specific filter, you can customise your columns.

The relevant Contact should appear as you are typing. Click the Contact link to be taken to the relevant page.

Use the Universal Search

The Universal Search is found in the top-right of the screen. Click the  icon and the search bar will expand like this:

Simply begin to type the name of the Contact you are looking for and the results will be revealed. Click the Contact link to be taken to the relevant page.


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