Spring 2022 Release


Simple Writing Off Time

The first phase of Writing Off Time—which went live in Winter 2021—now becomes "Detailed" write offs i.e. where you decide how you're going to manage your WIP balance at the individual timesheet transaction level.

This new—and final—phase of Writing Off Time, known as "Simple" write offs, enables you to manage overall values rather than going down to the individual timesheet transaction level i.e. there's an overall WIP value, and you can key in the value you'd like to write off and bill.

We've also introduced the ability to do "ad hoc" write offs—only available on "Simple"—as well as tightening up controls around revenue and project closure.

Want to learn more...here's an article on Simple Writing Off Time.

Editions: PSA

Plans: Growth, Pro & Enterprise

Fee Inclusive External Billing Type (Architects & Engineers Edition)

CMap, as standard, previously "thought" in terms of having 2 separate fees that combined to create an overall fee to the client:

Your fee + externals fee(s) = overall client fee

The new "Fee Inclusive" billing type enables you to work in a new way—setting an overall fee for the client, from which both your fee and the fees for externals are managed e.g. If the client fee is £100,000 and the fee for externals is £60,000, this results in a net fee of £40,000. It also opens up a major new use case: being able to set "contingencies".

Want to learn more... here's an article on Fee Inclusive Billing Type. 

Editions: Architects & Engineers

Plans: All

Major Externals Upgrade (Architects & Engineers Edition)

One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we received from AEC customers could be paraphrased as: "improve how externals are managed"

Which is why we've developed a complete overhaul of the "Expenses & Externals Schedule", giving you a new tool to add externals—including the ability to apply them across multiple stages in one fell swoop—, and a new way to view them in the schedule itself e.g. grouping them by stage

This is a huge leap forward in usability and practicality!

Want to learn more... here's an article on Externals. 

Editions: Architects & Engineers

Plans: All

Multi-Page Dashboard Management

Previously, you could create a "Default Dashboard" for a Security Group and use the "Refresh Dashboard" feature to push the latest default dashboard out to everyone in that group—which was good, but not great

To make it truly great we needed to introduce the ability to centrally administer multi-page dashboards e.g. configuring your "C-suite" Security Group to have dedicated dashboard pages for "Sales", "Project Performance", "Finance", "People Management", etc., etc.

That's now a reality.


Want to learn more... here's an article on Dashboards. 

Editions: PSA

Plans: All (custom dashboard boxes available on Pro & Enterprise)

Grid Upgrades

Previously, some fields were editable in the grids but others weren't—namely custom fields.

As part of this upgrade, we've made custom fields editable in the grids. But it doesn't end there.

We conducted a review of the standard fields that weren't editable, and we've made those editable too—within reason e.g. you won't be able to update the "Budget Total" value in the Projects grid, as that's calculated from the set-up of the project's Fee Estimator.


Want to learn more... here's an article on CMap's Grids. 

Editions: All

Plans: All

Time Off Summary Report

We've made some changes to the Time Off Summary report to make sure the values are correct.

The introduction of Paid Time Off (PTO) caused some issues, as the report had to handle 2 different ways of working. These have been rectified now, so the report will report the values you need irrespective of whether you're using PTO or not.

Want to learn more... here's an article on the Time Off Summary Report. 

Editions: All

Plans: All

Report Builder: Time Off Fixes

We’ve tidied up the logic behind some of the time off data, which will enable you to go further on time off reporting in Report Builder.

There are also some tweaks we needed to make to the handling of accruals data for clients using Paid Time Off (PTO).

Architects & Engineers Story So Far Update

The Architects & Engineers Story So Far only included the future values for won stages ... apart from for externals, where it included those costs irrespective of whether the stage was won or not.

We've changed the logic to bring it in-line with everything else, so future externals costs are only factored in on stages set to 100% probability.

Editions: Architects & Engineers

Plans: All

Terminology Changes

We’ve made a couple of terminology changes based on popular client feedback. These are:

1."KAM Profile" (a Company page) is now known as "Projects"
2."Company Owner” (a Company field) is now known as "Account Manager"

Editions: All

Plans: All



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