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Want to avoid trawling around trying to find a particular document for a particular client? With CMap, you can store your documents right where you need them so they're always in context and easy to find.

Oh, and you can create brand-new documents inside CMap using templates that automatically insert your CRM and project data.

Cloud document storage

Sure, you can store your documents on a server or in some separate cloud storage, but nothing beats having the documents available right where you need them.

With CMap, you can store client-related documents in the CRM and project-related documents inside each project.

You can even store HR-related documents in the People section of CMap.

Having your documents available to you in the correct context, right where you need them, is the best way to maximise efficiency and get away from scouring separate storage desperately trying to find the document you're looking for.


Create documents from templates

In most practices, people are continually re-inventing the wheel and spending far too long creating the same kinds of documents from scratch.

With CMap, you can create documents automatically based on templates you design.

Even better, with a sprinkling of automation magic, CMap will insert content like the client name and even costing breakdowns directly into your documents automatically.


With a couple of clicks, CMap populates the chosen proposal document with key data e.g. the client name, project title, fee breakdown, date, etc.

Document management features

In addition to contextual document storage and automated document creation, CMap also includes a wealth of document management features.

For example, you can check documents in and out to avoid conflicts and automatically store historical versions of documents that you can retrieve at any time.

Do you currently use Microsoft SharePoint and Teams? Well, good news. You can connect CMap to Teams to share documents seamlessly between the two. 


Take things further with Microsoft Teams

Companies that subscribe to CMap’s Microsoft Teams Integration open the possibility to store documents in MS Teams (which ultimately stores in SharePoint).

Hugely popular with companies on Microsoft 365, it enables your teams to access SharePoint project documents directly within the project itself in CMap.


Want to learn more... here's an article on Documents.

Want to discuss adding the Documents Module to your current CMap plan.. please contact your CMap Account Manager. 


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