Marketing Add-On

Imagine being able to send marketing emails, build web forms and analyse campaign ROI right inside CMap. Well, now you can with CMap's Marketing add-on.


Organise your contacts into Groups

The key to effective marketing is to make your messaging super-specific to the recipient. Typically, the best way to achieve this is to slice-and-dice your contact list into smaller, super-targeted groups.

For example, if you create a group for all of your clients and prospects in the Tech sector, you'll be able to send them messages that are super-relevant to them, giving you a better chance of capturing their attention.


Send email campaigns to your contacts

Now that you've created your audiences by building targeted lists of contacts, the next step is to send them relevant, informative, useful marketing emails.

CMap's Email Campaign Designer enables you to put together emails that will capture the attention of your audience. Once you've sent them, you'll be able to see exactly who has opened your emails, clicked your links and unsubscribed.

Also, with CMap, your emails go from real email addresses that people can reply to. None of this nonsense!

Send campaigns to your contacts with ease with CMap Email Marketing.   


Capture leads & gather client information with Web Forms

Web Forms are the forms you see in websites, with the most common example being a Contact Us form. But there are lots more uses for Web Forms, such as getting people to sign up for Webinars and for capturing onboarding information from new clients.

Create as many Web Forms as you like in CMap and then embed them into you website, and you'll be capturing data in no time.

What happens when someone fills in your form? With CMap, you can choose from a bunch of different actions including creating a new contact record, creating a Lead, adding the new contact to a group etc. and you can stack as many actions as you like.

CMap Web Forms are easy to set up and will become an incredibly useful tool in your marketing arsenal.


Measure the ROI of your marketing spend with Campaign Tracking

If you ever spend money on marketing activities like Events or paid advertising, then you'll love CMap's Campaign Tracking tool.

Imagine being able to look at a campaign and immediately see how many leads it's generated, how many have been converted into pipeline and how much business you've won as a result.

Well, that's exactly what you get with CMap Campaign Tracking.


Want to learn more...Read our Thought Leadership blog post here. 

Want to discuss adding the Marketing Module to your current CMap plan.. please contact your CMap Account Manager. 


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