Portfolios Add-On

CMap Portfolios presents the performance of a collection of projects, grouped together by a particular theme. Want to see how you’re doing in the pharmaceutical sector? No problem. Want to monitor the performance of your Singapore location? Easy. Want to keep an eye on a particular client? You’ve got it. CMap slices through your data to give you the insights you need to make good decisions—quickly.

Make better decisions

Portfolios gives you greater clarity, enabling you to view your business from different perspectives—drawing your attention to risks and opportunities and empowering you to make quick, confident decisions.

Publish to your personal dashboard

Want to keep a close eye on a particular portfolio? Publish it to your personal dashboard so you can keep tabs and monitor in real-time.

Create a portfolio from any angle

CMap’s “custom field” functionality enables you to quickly and easily capture the data you need and—perhaps most importantly— immediately have that data available to report on, however you like.What’s more, any data you capture using custom fields is automatically available to run as a portfolio. No custom development work, no complications, simply leverage your data like never before.


Customise your Portfolio page

CMap comes with a stunning portfolio dashboard out-of-the-box. But it doesn’t end there. You can customise your portfolio page, changing the dashboard boxes that appear, the layout of the dashboard—whatever you need to match your requirements. You have total control.

Combine multiple sources of data

You’re not limited to building portfolios around single data points. For example, if you have 3 project managers reporting into you, you can build a “My Team” portfolio that aggregates the data across those 3 specific project managers. The flexibility allows for super- sophisticated portfolios and deeper analysis.

Want to learn more... here's an article on Portfolios.

Want to discuss adding the Portfolios Module to your current CMap plan.. please contact your CMap Account Manager. 


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