Microsoft Teams Add-On

Power-up communication

Team communication has never been more important.

CMap automatically creates project channels in Microsoft Teams, enabling your people to start communicating right away.

Jump with one click

Jump between applications with just a single-click.

Clicking the Microsoft Teams channel link in CMap automatically opens the project channel in your Microsoft Teams application, ready to provide the next update


Structure and security

Choose from a variety of structure and security options e.g. do you want a separate team for each project, or a team per client with all project channels created under the relevant client team?

Take your documents to the next level

In combination with the CMap Documents add-on, CMap not only creates the project channel in Microsoft Teams, but also the document folder structure in the channel’s “Files” section ... which is ultimately stored in SharePoint—saving time and establishing consistency.

Documents are “synced” between CMap and Microsoft Teams
/ SharePoint—access the same project documents whichever application you’re in. You’re never more than a couple of clicks away.

Documents created with CMap’s “Document Templates” functionality—e.g. proposals that pull in CMap data: such as the client’s name, project title, fee value, etc.—are automatically saved and accessible in SharePoint via Microsoft Teams.


Want to learn's an article on MS Teams. 

Want to discuss adding MS Teams to your current CMap plan.. please contact your CMap Account Manager. 


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