Contractor Cost Rates

The Contractor Cost Rates Tool enables you to define how much your Contractors cost you per hour. A Base Hourly Cost Rate can be set up for each Contractor which will be applied as default. However, Project Specific Cost Rates can also be set up where a Contractor may have a different rate on a Project.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • Update Contractor Base Hourly Cost Rates
  • Add Project Specific Cost Rate

Update Contractor Base Hourly Cost Rates

1. From your Dashboard, head to the Admin area by clicking on the  icon. Under the heading PEOPLE COSTS, click Contractor Cost Rates. You will be shown a list of your Contractors in CMap.

2. Find the Contractor from the list (or use the search bar) and click on the  icon. Here you can enter the Base Hourly Cost Rate for the user.

3. Click Save.

Add Project Specific Cost Rates

1. Navigate back into the Contractor Cost Rates Tool in the Admin section.
2. Underneath the list of Projects and Hourly Cost Rates, click into the Project box. 
3. Search for the relevant Project by Client, Project Code or Project Title. using either the name or code.
4. Enter the relevant Hourly Cost Rate for the Project.
5. Click Add. 

You can edit the Project Specific Cost Rates at any point by clicking on the icon.

Hopefully, now you can update Contractor Cost Rates so that you can define how much your Contractors cost you per hour. You can also add and edit Project Specific Cost Rates so that accurate and up-to-date Cost Rates are using on Live Projects.


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