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Timesheets in CMap have been designed with a lot of care and attention to make it a slick, quick and easy user experience. Recording time in CMap is really important and can have significant benefits as it can help you to manage your time, stay in budget, and spend more time working on the job in hand. 

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • Add a Timesheet Row
  • Book Your Time
  • Save and Submit your Timesheet

 Add a Timesheet Row

  1. From your Dashboard, select the Time + Expenses tab and press Timesheets.
  2.  When using the Timesheets function for the first time, it will be blank. The first thing you need to do is Add a Timesheet Row. To do this, select .
  3. A pop-up box will now appear in the middle of your screen. 

You have two options:

  • Add an Internal Code by pressing Please Select to expand the drop-down list of Internal Codes.

  • Add a Project by typing a Project, Code or the Company Name into the search field.

Book Your Time

You are now ready to book the time you’ve worked. The steps are slightly different for booking time to a Project and an Internal Code.

Book Time to a Project

For each Project that you have worked on, type the number of hours that you’ve worked.

If you are recording time to a Live project, you will also need to select the Task you were performing on the Project from the drop-down list. 

Notes can also be added to a timesheet entry to provide more information on the work that has been performed.

Book Time to an Internal Code

To book time to an internal Code- such as a Public Holiday or an Internal Meeting- enter the numbers of hours against the relevant day(s) and record any optional Notes if needed.

Select Add Another to book time on the same day to a different Task for that Project.

Save & Submit your Timesheet

You must Save or Submit your timesheet before closing or reloading the page. Saving a Timesheet will mean that you can return and add more timesheet entries or make any updates before submitting. Once submitted, the Timesheet will move to the following week. 

Update your preferences

You can keep the internal Codes and Projects that you book time against so that you don’t need to add them to your Timesheet again.




This will keep and Projects/Internal Codes that you booked time against in the previous week.

Remove after 4 weeks

This will keep any Projects/Internal Codes until you don’t book time to the code for 4 consecutive weeks

Always Keep

This will keep all Projects/Internal Codes. You can still manually remove a code by pressing .

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