Revert a Live Project to Pipeline

The Revert Back to Pipeline Tool can be used when a Project has been "won" and converted to a Live Project in error or when a Client has unfortunately changed their mind and no longer wants to proceed with a Project. The Revert Back to Pipeline tool enables you to change a Live Project back to a Potential Project.

1. From your Dashboard, go to the Admin tab by clicking the icon. On the side navigation bar, you’ll see the heading PROJECTS. Select Revert Back to Pipeline.

2. Select the appropriate Account (i.e., Company Name) from the drop-down list.

3. Select the Project you wish to revert to a Potential from the Project drop-down list.

4. Click Revert to Potential. A pop-up box will appear asking if you are sure you want to revert this project back to a potential. Click Yes.


The Live Project will be set back to a Potential Project in the Pipeline.

Hey presto! Your Live project has now been set back to a Potential project and will now appear in the Pipeline tab. 


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