Update Project Code

The Update Project Code Tool is used to change the Project Code (Project Number). This is particularly useful if you have Manual Project Codes enabled and you have incorrectly allocated a Project to the wrong code. Once a Project Code has been updated, the original Project Code will no longer exist in CMap.

1. From your Dashboard, head to the Admin area by clicking on the  icon. Under the heading PROJECTS, click Update Project Code.

2. Search for the Project you wish to change the Project Code for in the Project field.

3. Now enter the New Project Code which you would like to appear against the selected Project.

You will be notified if a Project Code already exists, so that you can avoid having any duplicates in the database.

Hey presto! You will now be able to update Project Codes In CMap if a Project has been allocated an incorrect Project Code. CMap will then store the updated Project Code and the original Code will no longer exist.


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