Employee Cost Rates

The Employee Cost Rates Tool enables you to define how much each individual cost you per hour. We recommend including Salary + Overheads + Nominal Amount so that Users are unable to reverse engineer the Cost Rates to calculate Employee Salaries.

Even when Overheads and Nominal Amounts are included, this should still be considered sensitive and therefore we recommend you keep access to the Admin area tightly restricted. 

1. From your Dashboard, head to the Admin area by clicking on the  icon. Under the heading PEOPLE COSTS, click Employee Cost Rates. A list of all your users will appear.

2. Enter the Actual Cost Rate for each of your users. This can include overheads as well as salary depending on how your organisation calculates Cost Rate.

CMap captures Actual Cost Rates as an hourly cost.

We recommend that a consistent approach is adopted for all CMap Users, so that all Actual Cost Rates either include or exclude overheads.

3. Click Save Changes.

You can see a user’s current and historic Actual Cost Rate within the User Figures Admin tool. Click here to learn more.

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