Winter 2021



New Beta process

The CMap Winter 2021 release sees the launch of our new Beta process

Previously, beta users were required to login to a separate environment. Now, approved beta users automatically gain access to beta features when the beta period is opened—muchsimpler!

It's important to remember that beta runs on your live database—it is not a “test” environment. Anything you do in beta, you do "for real" in your live database.


Editions: All

Plans: All

Want to learn more... here's an article on Beta Access

Major Time & Materials upgrade

The "Resourced Time & Materials" and "Pure Time & Materials" fee types have received major upgrades. These include:

  • A new UI when you come to select the time and expenses transactions to bill
  • The ability to explicitly write off time
  • The ability to credit sales invoices, releasing the associated transactions for re-billing

These updates greatly improve the robustness of these fee types!

Want to learn more... here's an article on Simple Writing Off Time.

Editions: PSA

Plans: Growth, Pro & Enterprise

Further Time & Materials upgrades

There are 3 further upgrades, coming soon:

1. A new "Invoicing & WIP Summary" panel will replace the existing "Fee Summary" section at the top of the Invoicing page and introduce extra information.

The movie—viewable by clicking the button below—references this being applied to all fee types. This is not the case, the panel only applies to Time & Materials fee types.

2. New Report Builder fields will enable you to take your WIP and write off reporting to the next level!
3. A new "Time based WIP" historic revenue option will be added and calculated as: Amount recognised = amount of time booked to date — amount written off to date — amount recognised to date. 

Want to learn more... here's an article on Invoicing Summary & WIP. 

Editions: PSA

Plans: Growth, Pro & Enterprise

New Admin Tools

We’ve added 3 new admin tools that give you greater control, including:

1. Update Probability

Update the probability value stored against a won project.
Editions: PSA

Read the complete guide here

2. Purchase Invoice Nominal Codes

Update nominal codes to map with finance integrations.
Plans: Growth, Pro & Enterprise

3. Time Off Accrual

A new user figures tool for PTO (Paid Time Off) to ensure accruals are calculated correctly over time.

Ensure that the relevant Security Group(s) have been assigned permissions to access these tools.

Editions: All
Plans: All 

Want to learn more... here's an article on Time Off Accrual. 

Report Builder—archiving user prompt

If a user owned published Report Builder reports, and had their user account archived without transferring ownership of the reports to someone else first… it meant it was only possible to amends the reports by contacting the Support Team and requesting data work to transfer ownership of the reports to another individual.

To prevent this scenario from happening, we're introducing a new prompt—at the point where you archive a user account—that enables you to reassign ownership of published reports in one fell swoop.


Editions: All
Plans: Pro & Enterprise

New Stage Breakdown bookmarks

We’ve introduced 3 new Stage Breakdown bookmarks for users of the Architects & Engineers Edition

The new options—based on popular and highly consistent feedback—give you greater precision around the way information is presented on your sales invoices.

Want to learn more... here's an article on Backing Sheet Available Bookmarks.

Editions: Architects & Engineers 
Plans: Growth, Pro & Enterprise

Timesheet notes in Time Charge invoicing

When you invoiced a "Time Charge" stage in AEC, you saw a breakdown of the timesheet entries that were available to be billed—however, if you want to view the notes that had been included on the timesheet entries, you need to run a separate report e.g. the Project Time & Expense report.

To make this process slicker and smoother, a "notes" icon is now included next to timesheet entries on the invoicing page—with the ability to hover-over the icon to read the text contained in the note.



Editions: Architects & Engineers 
Plans: Growth, Pro & Enterprise

Adding new Fee Estimator roles—days/hours toggle

We introduced the ability to toggle managing rate cards in days or hours back in Spring 2021

However, there was one place where the former "hourly-only" approach still existed—when you added a new fee-earning role using the "Fee Estimator Roles" finance tool.

Now, when you add a new role, the handy prompt that enables you to update existing rate cards to avoid zero-value timesheet entries will also toggle between hourly rates and day rates.


Editions: All
Plans: All

Stage Tags color-coding

There was no obvious way of determining if a stage had a Stage Tag applied to it, or not.

To make this easier to understand, we've added subtle color-coding to the functionality that will enable you to see—at a glance—if a stage does or doesn't have a Stage Tag.

  • Green: Indicates the stage has a Stage Tag.
  • White: Indicates the stage doesn’t have a Stage Tag.


Editions: All
Plans: All


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