Set up and view Accrued Time Off

The Set Up Accrued Time Off Tool can be used to configure the rate at which users can accrue leave for each of the relevant accrual based Time Off Types.

Set up Time Off Accruals

Accruals Data and the amount of Time Off accrued for a user will be updated according to the data saved in this page.

1. From your Dashboard, go to the Admin Tab by selecting the  icon, which you will find in the top right-hand corner of your Dashboard when you log in to CMap.

2. On the left-hand side of your screen, you will see the USERS & SECURITY navigation side extension. Select Your Users.

Your Security Group will need the Time Off Admin Permission enabled for this tool to display. Contact our Support Team if you this enabling.

3. Search for the User using the Search field or scroll down to find their name. You can also filter users by Team or their Status (whether they are an employee or contractor for example).

4. Scroll down to find Time Off Allowances and select the box next to PTO. This means that the User’s Time Off Allowance will be accrued.

5. This will bring down a Time Off Accruals panel. This is where you can control what Time Off is accrued. Complete the necessary fields here.

Here are the definitions found in this panel:



Accrual Frequency


The frequency at which the user accrues Time Off for the Holiday Code. The available options are DayWeekBi-WeeklyMonthQuarter and Year.

Days accrued


Number of days accrued according to the frequency set.


Prevent Overbooking


When checked, this will prevent the user from booking more Time Off than they have accrued.

Accrual Cap


Entering a Cap value will stop the user from any more Time Off after this value has been accrued. For example, if the Accrual Cap is set to 30, the user will only ever accrue up to 30 days.


6. Once you are happy with the information provided, press Save to return to your users, or Cancel.

Hopefully, you can now set up the rate at which users can accrue leave. You can view and amend PTO using CMap’s Time Off Accruals tool and report on this using the Accrual Time Off Breakdown report to check how much time your users have accrued. 


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