User Figures

The User Figures tool enables you to view and update key user information, including amending the effective date of the changes, so that updates can be set in the future or back-dated. User Figures can be used to update a User's Role, Working Hours, Actual Cost Rate, Productivity Target

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • View User Figures
  • Edit User Figures

View User Figures

1. On your Dashboard, head to the Admin area by clicking on the  icon. Under the heading USERS & SECURITY, click User Figures.

2. Select the User you wish to view the User Figures for from the drop-down list at the top of the page. 

3. A table for that User will appear detailing historic information along with the dates that these details are relevant for. You will see: 

Column heading Definition
Start Date The date the line data applied from 
End Date

The date the line data applied to. 

Note: The End Date for the latest line will be blank as this will only alter the next time you make a change. 

Working Hours Per Week The number of hours the user had available per week for that period.
Productivity Target The productivity target the user had set for that period. 
Actual Cost Rate The Cost Rate that will be applied to the individual for that period. 
Role Name The default budget role (and therefore the Charge Out Rate that will be applied for that user) the user fulfilled for that period. 

Edit User Figures

1. To edit an entry, simply click the  icon next to the record you wish to edit. 

2. Make any necessary edits and then click Save

Once any edits are made to the User Figures using this tool, the changes will be applied for the period between the start and end dates chosen. Therefore, if the Actual Cost Rate is changed, the updated Actual Cost Rate will be used for that User during the date range.

Hopefully you now know how to view key historic information relating to a User and edit this so that it remains up-to-date and accurate.


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