Rate Card Role Families

The Rate Card Role Families tool is a time-saving feature that enables Rate Cards to be quickly and easily updated when you have lots of Offices, Teams and/or Roles within your organisation. Rate Card Role Families enables you to group Roles and update all Roles within a Role Family with the same rate quickly and efficiently.

This is an optional feature, so if you’re interested in this, contact your Account Manager to find out more. Users are required to have the Rate Card Role Families security permission enabled. Learn more about setting security permissions in CMap here.

In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a Role Family
  • Update the Rate Cards
  • Add a new Role

Create a Role Family

To use this tool, you must create the Role Families, which will group roles together into "families" so you can quickly apply the same charge-out rate to all members of the family. 

1. From your Dashboard, go to the Finance tab. On the side navigation bar, you will see the heading ROLES & RATES. Click Rate Card Role Families.

At the top of the grid, you’ll see how many roles are not currently assigned to a Role Family. We recommend that all Roles are assigned to a Role Family.

2. Click and you will be able to add a new Role Family. Enter a name for the family in the first text box. You can then add an optional description of the family.

3. Next, you need to select the Roles that you would like to be included in the Role Family from the drop-down list(s). The options available to you will depend on whether you use the Walls Up or Walls Down approach:

  • Walls Up: You will not be able to add Roles from different Offices, only Business Units within that Office.
  • Walls Down: You will be able to add Roles associated with all Offices and the Business Units within them.

4. Simply click on the role and then click the  icon to move it into the family.

To remove a Role from a family, select it from the list and click the  icon.

5. Click Save and you will return to the Rate Card Role Families tool.

How can I make changes to a Role Family

You can edit or delete a Role Family via the Rate Card Role Families tool.

When you hover over a role when it’s been added to a family you can see which office and business unit that role belongs to.

  • To edit a Role Family, click the  icon, make the necessary changes and click Save.
  • To delete a Role Family, click the  icon at the end of the row and confirm by clicking Yes.

Update the Rate Cards

Now that you’ve set up the Role Families, we recommend updating the Rates for the Roles within a Rate Card so that they are consistent.

1. Go to the Rate Card Role Families tool, click . Choose which Rate Card you wish to update from the drop-down list and then set the Rate. The Rate defaults to Hourly. To flip this to a Daily Rate, click Change to days.

If in the Rate text box, you see “Multi”, this means that the Rates for the Roles within the Rate Card are inconsistent. You can either update them all here or leave them as they are.

2. Click Save and the Rates for the Roles on the Rate Cards will be updated. 

Add a new Role

You can add Roles to your Role Families and automatically update their Rate so that it’s consistent within a Rate Card.

1. Head into the Finance area and under the heading ROLES & RATES, you’ll see Fee Estimator Roles

2. Select the Office and Team from the drop-down lists available. Then click  at the top of the grid. 

3. Enter the name for the Role. CMap automatically populates the “Plural” form for the role and also a short “Code”.

You can manually edit these by typing directly into the text box.

4. Next, select the Role Family this role belongs to from the drop-down list. You can only select one Role Family from the list. 

5. Finally, click Add Role and a pop-up box will appear. Here, enter the Rate for the new Role against the Rate Cards. If the rate is “0”, this means that the Rate is either inconsistent, or has been set as that value. 

Only active rates and any archived rates linked to potential or live projects are shown here.

6. Click Save and the Rate for the new Role against the Rate Cards will be saved. 

Hey presto! You should now be able to create new Role Families, update the Rates and also add new Roles in a few simple steps, which will save you having to manually update them on a per-role basis.



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