Role Cost Rates

The Role Cost Rates admin tool enables you to define how much each Fee Estimator Role costs your organisation per hour on average. Role Cost Rates are used to calculate Project profit margins in CMap, particularly projected profit margins before a Project has started and Actual User Costs can be calculated.

CMap timestamps the date that you make the change, so the cost rates will apply form the date you make a change until you next make a change. Should you need to alter the time period the rates are applied, please contact CMap Support.

1. From your Dashboard, head to the Finances tab. Under the heading ROLES & RATES, click Role Cost Rates.

2. Select the Office you wish to manage the Roles for from the drop-down list. Once you’ve selected an Office a list of the Roles for that Office will appear.

3. Enter the Actual Cost Rates for each Role.

Actual Costs are calculated as an hourly rate.

4. Click Save.

Hopefully you can now set up the Actual Cost Rates for the Roles you’ve set up in the database. This information will be used when you start to build your fees within the Fee Estimator.

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