Companies Projects Tab (formerly KAM Profile)

The Projects Tab on a Company record (previously called the KAM Profile) provides an overview of all Projects associated with the Company Record, including Child Companies if needed. The Projects Tab highlights key metrics, such as the Projected Recovery Rates to help inform budgeting and rate setting on future projects. The Projects Tab can also be used to enable recurring services in the Accounting Edition of CMap.

This is an optional feature that isn't switched on by default, as a result, you may not see this in your CMap instance. Should you wish to use this feature and do not have it enabled, please contact CMap Support.

1. The Companies Projects Tab can be found in the Company Record in CMap. From your Dashboard, go to the CRM tab. Select Contacts and then click Companies.

2. You will see a Grid View of your Companies in CMap.

Want to learn's an article on CMap's Grids. 

To access a Company Record, select the blue link.  You will see a tab named Projects.mceclip0.png

The Companies Projects Tab is categorised based on Projects that are open for this Company and the Status of the Projects.

With Live and Completed Projects, the Projects Tab will show certain figures from the Projects. These include Budget Fees, Budget Additionals, Budget Total, Actual Fees, Actual Additionals and Actual Total.

Hopefully, you now know how to access The Companies Projects Tab and understand what Project data is shown for a chosen Company. This allows you to have an overview of the Project’s data and keep track of its Status in one place.


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