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As part of the Documents Add-On Module, Documents can be stored on the Company Record. This will enable you to store documents that relate to a Company record that are not specific to an individual Projects, such as Master Service Agreements (MSAs) or Vendor / Supplier assessment documents.

This is an optional feature. If you have the MS Teams Integration, these Company Documents do not integrate with MS Teams.

To enable access to Documents within the Companies tab, you will need to grant the relevant permissions within your Security Groups.

1. From your Dashboard, go to the Admin tab by selecting the  icon. On the left-hand side navigation bar, you’ll see the USERS & SECURITY section at the top. Select Security Groups.

2. Click the Security Group name that you would like to grant access to Documents. Then click Access Levels to expand the list of CMap areas.

3. Next, click on the arrow next to Contacts and then click into the dropdown list next to Company Documents.

4. Using the drop-down list, you can assign the group the following levels of access:

Level of Access


No Access

The users within the Security Group has no access to that area.

Read Only

The users within the security group only have permission to view the information in that area and cannot edit/amend.


The users within the security group can edit the information in that area but cannot create/delete.

Full Control

The users within the security group have the ability to edit, create and delete information held in this area.

5. When you are happy the level of access for the Security Group, scroll down and press Save. This will grant all users in the Security Group access to Company Documents.

Hopefully, you now know how to enable Company Documents through granting access to Security Groups in the Admin tab. Doing this allows CMap users to save Documents related to the Companies themselves e.g. MSAs or Vendor\Supplier assessment related Documents.


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