Use and Search for Tags

Tags can be used against Contacts, Companies and Project Stages in the Fee Estimator. Tags can be used to enable your users to search for Contacts or Companies (or report on Project Stages) based on specific properties or attributes.

The most important Tag is the "Supplier" Tag on the Company Record as this must be added for all Suppliers to enable Purchase Invoices to be added into CMap.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • Add a Tag to a Company or Contact Record
  • Remove a Tag from a Company or Contact Record
  • Search for a Tag

Add a Tag to a Company or Contact

Tags are set up by CMap Admin users, so please contact them should you need a new Tag to be added.   

1. From your Dashboard, head to the CRM tab and click Contacts. Here, you select either Contacts or Companies.

2. Scroll down to find the Tags text box. You have two options for how to enter the Tag:

  • View a list of available Tags: Type and asterisk (*) into the box or press the spacebar and it will show the list of available Tags.
  • Type the name of the Tag: If the Tag is available using a text-match search, it will appear in blue for you to select.

3. The new Tag will appear in a blue box under the Tags field. 

You can add multiple Tags to a Company or Contact, so simply repeat Step 2.  

4. Once you are happy with the Tags linked to the Company or Contact, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save. This information will be saved for all CMap users.

Remove a Tag from a Company or Contact

1. Access the Company or Contact Record via the CRM tab on your Dashboard and then select the chosen Company or Contact from the grid.

2. Scroll down to the Tags field. Press the X within the Tag box.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press Save. This will remove the Tag from the record for all CMap users.

Search for a Tag

Searching for Tags is a useful feature that allows you to filter your Contacts and Companies based on specific attributes. This function is accessed via the Contacts and Companies sub-navigation pages and can be performed within the grids.

1. From your Dashboard, go to the CRM tab and click Contacts. Here, you select either Contacts or Companies. You will all of your data linked to the Contacts or Companies within your CMap instance.

2. Click Actions, at the top of the grid. From the dropdown list, select Customise Columns.

3. From the Customise Columns pop-out box, select the Tags option and then click Apply Changes.

4. You will be returned to the grid screen and you will see that the Tags column has now been added to the grid. Click into the search field and you will see a list of available Tags that you can filter by.

5. Simply select the Tag from the list and press Apply Filter and you will see the Contacts or Companies that have the chosen Tag in their record.

Hey presto! Hopefully, you now know how to add Tags to Company or Contact Records and also remove them should they no longer be relevant. Ensuring these Tags are linked correctly will be a useful way of searching your CMap database, and they can also be a useful tool for reporting purposes.


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