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The Activities function allows you to associate tasks against your Users / People, Contacts, Companies, Leads, and Projects. This article will outline how to add Activities against a Contact. You could use Contact Activities for a variety of things, for example, you can add an Activity for booking a meeting with the specified Contact or alternatively, you could add an Activity if you needed to follow-up with a key Client Contact.

In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  • Add an Activity
  • Add an Activity from a Template

Add an Activity

  1. From your Dashboard, go to the CRM tab. Select Contacts and then click Contacts.
  2. Select the Contact that you would like to add an Activity to, which is shown in blue on the Grid. This will take you into the Contact Record.

  3. Click on the Activities tab. Click on the mceclip0.png icon and select Add an Activity.

  4. A pop-up box will appear for you to complete.

    Mandatory fields are marked with a green asterisk (*).

    Field name



    This is the description of the Activity. For example, "Book a Business Review Meeting".


    This is more for yourself to remind you of the purpose of the Activity. For example, "This is a business review meeting for the final quarters of 2021 to determine how we can be more efficient moving forward"


    This field allows you to attach a document/file to the Activity. For example, you could attach a spreadsheet that you will run through with your Contact on the meeting.


    This field is for who is Responsible in carrying out the Activity. For example, this would be the person who is going to actually take part in the meeting.

    Start Date

    This is the date the Activity will start. For example, the date the meeting is booked for.

    Due Date

    This is the date the Activity will finish. In the above screenshot, you will see the Start Date and the Due Date is the same as this meeting shouldn't last more than a day.


    This field will categorise what Activity it is. This could be a Telephone Call/Meeting/Email etc.


    This field is whether the Activity is Open or Completed. In most cases this will be open, however, if you have already completed the Activity, you can add this as Completed in order to keep a record. 

  5. When you are happy, click Save or Cancel to return to the Contact Activities page.

Add an Activity from a Template

In order to speed things up and not have to add an Activity each time, you can create what's called an "Automated Activity Template". During the course of a project, it may be standard procedure to schedule in calls after a certain amount of time with your client. For example, Q1 review meeting, Q2 review meeting, etc.

Learn more: Want to learn more... here's an article on Activity Templates.

  1. In the Contact Record, click on the Activities tab. Click on the  icon and select Add an Activity from a Template.

  2. A pop-up box will appear. Here you need to enter the Activity Start Date and select the Template from the drop-down list.

  3. Click Save. You will see that the preset Activities from the Template have been added to the Contact Activities page.

    What happens next?

    You will be sent a Status Update Email, which details how many Activities you have due today, how many new activities have been assigned to you within the last 24 hours and how many overdue activities you have. The email will also provide you with a handy link which will take you straight to your CMap Dashboard, allowing you to see a full breakdown of your Activities. Just click on the Go To Your CMap Dashboard link.

    Hey presto! Hopefully you now know how to add Activities to your Contact Records which will appear in the Companies Activities too. The Status Update Email will include a link to your CMap Dashboard, where you can view any open Activities. 


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