Customise the Contacts Grid view

Grids are used widely throughout CMap and are a useful tool for displaying data that you would like at your fingertips. Grid views are available for Companies, Contacts, People, Leads, Potential Projects and Live Projects. Each of these has a standard Grid view, however this can be customised to show other fields. Once set up, the Custom Grid Views can be saved, exported to Excel and shared with other Users.

  • Add new columns
  • Re-order columns
  • Remove columns
  • Save Grid View

Add new columns

    1. From your Dashboard, go to the CRM tab and click Contacts. Then select Contacts. You will see the default grid view of All Contacts.
    2. Select the Actions menu and then click Customise Columns.

    3. A pop-up window will appear showing all of the available columns you can choose from.

      The columns shown on the view you have currently selected will be ticked by default.

    4. Tick the checkbox alongside the item of information you would like to include and then press Apply Changes. The Grid will update to show you your selection.

Remove columns

To remove columns, simply follow steps 1-3 as above, and simply click into the box next to the column you wish to remove from the Grid view. Then click Apply Changes to save the changes. The Grid will update to show you your selection.

Re-order columns

To re-order the position of the columns in the Grid, click on the mceclip0.png icon on the right-hand side of each selection in the list and drag in to a new position. Once you have selected and ordered your columns, click Apply Changes. The Grid will update to show the re-ordered columns.

Save Grid view

If you would like to save this View so that you can use it again, click the Actions menu and this time, select Save View.

A pop-up window will appear, which asks you to give your new View a short and descriptive name. Enter the name you would like for this new View and click Save.

Your new View will now be available to select from the Views menu.

Hey presto! Hopefully you now know how to customise your Contacts grid to show all of the data you require access to quickly. Following the Spring 2022 release, you can now update some of the fields within the Grids. 

Learn more: Want to learn more... here's an article on CMap's Grids.


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