Approve or Reject Expense Claims

This article will outline the steps to approve or reject an Expense Claim once it has been submitted by a user. CMap has different Expense approval options, but all Expenses are initially approved by a Finance Approver. This can be the final approval step or there is an option for a second approval step where an Expense Approver (or Project Manager) is required to approve each Expense Claim.

You can set up Expense Dashboard boxes, so you can easily access users’ Expenses Claims. Click here to learn more.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • Approve an Expense Claim
  • Reject and Expense Claim
  • Mark Expenses as Paid

Approve an Expense Claim

1. From your Dashboard, go to the Time + Expenses tab and select Expenses. You will see Expense claims that have been submitted for approval under Awaiting Finance Approval.

If your company has configured a Two Stage Approval, Line Managers will also be able to view and submit the Expense claims here once it has been approved by Finance. 

2. Select the Expense claim that you would like to approve. This will open up a new window. 

3. Check through the claim to make sure everything is as it should be. For example, you may want to check the Tax and the Receipt.

You can manually edit the Tax here.

4. Once you are happy with the claim, click Approve Claim in the top right-hand corner. A pop-up window will appear confirming that you wish to approve the claim. Click Yes.

If you have Two Stage Approval set up, the Line Manager will now be able to approve the claim too.Once a claim has been Financially approved, Project Managers are then able to handle the claim. Click here to find out more about Expense Handling.

Reject an Expense claim

You can Reject an Expense claim in your Expenses tab, in the same way you can Approve them.

1. To Reject a claim, click Reject claim in the top right-hand corner.

2. A pop-up box will appear. Click Yes.

3. Enter the reason why the Expense claim has been rejected.

The text here will be emailed to the claimant and will appear with their Rejected claim.

Mark Expenses as Paid

Once a claim has been approved by the Finance and Line Manager (if Two Stage Approvals has been set up), the claim will appear in the Expenses Approved for Payment section. Once you have paid them by your preferred method, you can mark them as paid. The user will be notified by email that their claim has been paid and it will appear as paid in the user’s My Expense Claims screen. It will disappear from the Expenses Approved for Payment list for the Finance user and Line Manager if using Two Stage Approvals.

You can select all claims to Mark as Paid by clicking into the box in the column headings.  

Hopefully, you can now Approve or Reject Expense claims within the Expenses tab. Once Expense claims have been approved by the Finance user, Line Managers can approve them if the Two Stage Approvals has been set up. This will then allow Project Managers to handle the Expenses within Projects.


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