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CMap HR includes a People Profile for each active CMap User. People Profiles were designed to act as an internal directory to help staff contact each other, as well as understand the experience and skills of other team members. For example, when users book time in CMap, the Client and Project are automatically added to their list of experiences on their People Profile.

This feature requires users to have the People Profiles security permission enabled. Learn more about setting security permissions in CMap here

1. To access People Profiles, from your Dashboard, head to the People tab. Click HR and then select People Profiles. Here you will see a Grid view of all your People in CMap.

You can customise the columns shown in the grid by clicking on the Actions menu and save the view so that you can access it again.

2. Click into the User’s Name and you will be taken to their Profile. The information is grouped into categories, with the standard ones being: 

  • Personal Details: Taken from the details entered when the user is created.
  • Client Experience: Shows clients the user has worked with, using the time booked to projects to give this information.
  • Project Experience: Shows projects that the user has worked on, using the time booked to projects to give this information.

You can create user Custom Pages and Fields, for example "Languages" or "Skills" Click here to learn more.

Now that you can access People Profiles and understand how the information is grouped, you may want to learn about Activities that can be added to a profile. Click here to find out more.


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