Submit a request for Paid Time Off (PTO)

This article explains how to submit a Paid Time Off (PTO) request. Paid Time Off is typically enabled for CMap users who are based in North America. In your Time Off Calendar, you can also view how much Time you have accrued so that you can keep track of this and plan ahead for your Annual Leave.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • Submit a Time Off Request
  • View your Time Off Requests
  • Remove a Time Off Request

Submit a Time Off Request

1. From your Dashboard, select the Time + Expenses tab and press Time Off. This will take you to your Time Off Calendar by default. Select the date you would like your Time Off to start.

You can check your Clash Groups calendar before submitting Time Off to avoid booking time off at the same time as your colleagues by pressing Filter and selecting Clash Groups from the drop-down menu.

2. A pop-up box will appear. Press Holidays to open the drop-down menu. Select PTO.

3. Above the drop-down menu, you will see the amount of Time that you have accrued up to the date you have selected.

4. Here you can enter the amount of days you would like to request off.

There are two options for how to add the date entry here:

  • Use the date selectors to choose the Start Date of the Time Off request: Select ‘From’ and use the pop-up calendar to select the Start Date.
    Then you can use the AM/PM selector to choose which half of the day you are requesting. Next, add the number of Time Off days into the “For” field, along with any notes if necessary.
  • Click the blue arrows  to switch from Duration mode to Date Range mode: Use the date selectors to choose the Start Date and the End Date of the Time Off request, setting the “From” and “To” fields accordingly. You can switch back to Duration mode again by once more clicking the blue arrows.

To request partial days, use decimal places.

5. Once you are happy with your request, press Save.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your Time Off request, you should see the Time Off request appear on your Time Off Calendar. Clicking on the request will re-open it, allowing you to amend the request, if necessary. Please note that requests cannot be amended once approved, and that you would then need to ask one of your Admin Users to amend the request on your behalf.A notification email will be sent to whoever approves your Time Off requests.
Submit another request

Submit another request

If you needed to submit another request for the same day as a previous request, for example, if you were booking the morning as Compassionate Leave and the afternoon as Holiday, then you would not be able to click on the same date to create the second request, as this would re-open the first request. Instead, click on a different date, and then ensure that you select the correct date from the entry wizard.

View your accrued Time Off

To check how much time you have accrued, Hover over Time Off Remaining at the top of your calendar.

Here you will see:

  • The PTO remaining To Date: this shows how may days leave you have left, taking into account the Holidays you have used to date.
  • Remaining Total: this shows how many days leave you have remaining, taking all holidays, including future holidays.

This may show negative if you haven’t accrued the number of days you need to fulfil all of your leave. However, if Prevent Overbooking is enabled, CMap will ensure you will have enough leave accrued by the time you are due to take the days off.

To learn more about your Time Off Calendar, click here.

Remove a Time Off Request

To remove a submitted Time Off request, select the request from your calendar and clicking on the red cancel time off link at the bottom of the request wizard. Clicking this will bring up a confirmation box, in case you happen to have clicked it accidentally.

If the date of the Time Off request has passed, then you will need an Admin User to cancel the request on your behalf.

Hopefully, you can now submit Time Off and know where to look to find the time you have accrued on your calendar. You should now also be able to remove a request, or submit an additional request too. This will allow you to prepare ahead of your planned Annual Leave and avoid clashes with your colleagues, by using the Clash Groups filter when submitting Time Off.


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