Set up Timesheet Reminders

Timesheets in CMap have been designed with a lot of care and attention to make it a slick, quick and easy user experience. Recording time in CMap is really important and can have significant benefits as it can help you to manage your time, stay in budget, and spend more time working on the job in hand. CMap also sends out automated reminders to when a user has fallen behind on submitting their timesheet.

Timesheet reminders

Timesheet Reminder emails are sent out to CMap users who have not completed their Timesheet for the week. This is set up based on your company configuration but typically, if the Timesheet isn’t submitted on Friday, the reminder email will go to the User on Monday morning at 9am, which will look like this:

The format of the email is not configurable and is set up in this way by default.

Users who receive this email can click the link Fill in your timesheets now to open the incomplete Timesheet and resubmit it.

After this, if the Timesheet still hasn’t been sent by Wednesday (AM), the User will receive the same email but this time, the individual’s Line Manager who is set against the User Profile will also be copied in and receive the notification. This is so that they are able to follow up on this if the Timesheet is not submitted.

Non-chargeable Admin users will not receive Timesheet reminder emails.

Stop Timesheet reminders

Archive the User

Once a User has left the company, the best practice on CMap is to Archive the User, as this will stop the alerts from coming through as well as free up a User License. Click here for to learn how to Archive a CMap User.

Move the Timesheet Week

Another option to stop Timesheet reminders is to use the Re-open a Timesheet Admin tool to move a User’s Timesheet week. This is a useful tool for users who are going on extended periods of leave, such as maternity leave. Click here to learn how to Re-open a Timesheet.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how Timesheet reminders are used and how you can stop them when users have left your company. It is a useful tool which can save time by removing the administrative burden of manually chasing people who have forgotten to complete their timesheet. Further, the Late Timesheet Report can also be used to identify people who continually ignore the automated reminder emails to allow you to step-in and take the required action.


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