Manage Timesheet Work Activities

In this article, you’ll learn how to set up Timesheet Work Activities so that CMap users can allocate Time to Work Activities, as well as the Project Tasks set up in the Fee Estimator. This feature can be used to report on time spent working on similar activities or to group time spent by location, such as EU or Non-EU.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • Add a Timesheet Work Activity
  • Edit a Work Activity
  • Remove a Work Activity

Add a Timesheet Work Activity

1. From your Dashboard, head to the Admin area by selecting the icon. On the left-hand side of your screen, you will see the USERS & SECURITY navigation side extension. Scroll down to the bottom to find CONTENT.

2. Select Dropdown List Options and press Please Select. From the dropdown list, select Work Activities.

The items to choose from in your CMap instance will probably differ from the ones shown below, as this is configurable by your company.

3. To add a new Item to your Work Activities, enter any Project Work Activities that you would like in the text box available at the bottom of your list.

4. After you have entered each Work Activity, press Add Item. This will save your Activity automatically.

Edit an existing Work Activity

1. To make changes to your existing Work Activities, select the   icon at the end of the row. Type your changes in the text box.

2. Press Save or Cancel, to continue editing your current Work Activities.

Remove a Work Activity

1. To remove a Work Activity, select the  icon at the end of the row.

2. A pop-up box will appear to check that you would like to archive the item. 

You need to have at least two Project Work Activities available to choose from for them to be available to select on a Timesheet.

Hopefully, you can now set up your organisation’s Timesheet Work Activities so that CMap users can allocate Time to a Work Activity in their Timesheet. They will be able to capture the Time they’ve spent on specific tasks, providing a much more detailed overview of how Time is booked in CMap, which can be used to generate some valuable reports.


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