Set up and use the Timesheet for Approval Dashboard

The Timesheet Approval Dashboard is a useful tool to enable timesheet approvers to quickly and easily see the timesheet entries that are awaiting their approval. The Timesheet Approval Dashboard provides easy navigation to the Timesheet Approvals Report where timesheet approvers are able to review and approve or reject timesheet entries.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • Set up the Timesheet for Approval Dashboard
  • Use the Timesheet for Approval Dashboard

Set up the Timesheet for Approvals Dashboard

1. When you log in to CMap, you will be taken straight to your Home Dashboard, but to access this when you are in another area in CMap, press our logo  which can be found in the top left-hand corner of the page.

2. To make changes to your Home Dashboard, select Edit Mode. A blue pop-up box will appear. To add a new Dashboard Box, press Add.

3. A list of available Dashboard Boxes will appear. Scroll down the Dashboard Boxes column, and look for Timesheets for Approval.

4. Press the box and a blue tick will appear to show it has been selected. Press Save to add the Dashboard Box, or press Cancel to discard any changes and return to your Home Dashboard.

5. Your new Timesheet Approvals Dashboard Box will now appear at the bottom of your Home Dashboard. To move this on your Dashboard, press  to drag it to your chosen place and drop it when you are happy with its location.

Use the Timesheet for Approval Dashboard

If the Timesheets For Approvals dashboard is blank, this indicates you are up-to-date on Timesheet Approvals.

The Dashboard Box

• Internal code time awaiting approval: for users where you are the Line Manager.

• Project time awaiting approval: for Projects where you are the Project Manager.

The dashboard box details the number of users and total number of hours that are awaiting your Approval.

Timesheet Approvals Reports

Select either the Internal Code Time Awaiting Approval link or the Project Time Awaiting Approval link to go to the Timesheets Approvals report, where you review, approve and reject the Timesheet entries.

Only time entries booked to submitted Timesheets can be approved. This is because time booked to an open Timesheet can be changed at any point until it is submitted.

Hopefully, you can now set up the Timesheet for Approval Dashboard and access the Approval Report via the Dashboard Box. This will allow you to easily accept or reject Timesheet entries. You can provide feedback for users so that they know what to amend in the Timesheet entry.


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