Add Additional Time to your Timesheet

The Additional Time feature in CMap enables users to record the Additional Time that has been spent above their standard weekly working hours. This can be a helpful reporting tool as it enables Additional Time to either be included or excluded when reviewing the costs of delivering a project as well as a Project's profitability and margin. In this article, you’ll learn how to add Additional Time to your Timesheet.

If the Enforce Additional Time over working hours feature is enabled, marking Time above the standard working hours will be mandatory.

1. From your Dashboard, select the Time + Expenses tab and press Timesheets.

2. If you need to add a new Timesheet Row. Press the  icon.

3. A pop-up box will now appear in the middle of your screen. You have two options:

  • Add an Internal Code by pressing Please Select to expand the Dropdown List of Internal Codes. 

  • Add a Project by typing a Project, Code or the Company Name into the search field.

4. Now that you have added the Internal Code(s) and/or Project(s) to your Timesheet, you are now ready to book the time you’ve worked.

5. A grid appears for you to complete your Time. Select the relevant text box and enter the Time you’ve worked.

If Additional Time is switched on in your CMap instance, you will see an extra tick box when you click into the day to enter your time.

6. Underneath the box, there is a Notes section and a tick box marked Additional Time.

7. Tick the Additional Time box and add the Additional Time that you have worked on the Internal Code or Project. The Time here is then highlighted as Additional or Over time.

Notes can also be added to a Timesheet entry to provide more information on the work that has been performed.

8. You may wish to mark a portion of the Time entered on a Project as Additional Time. To do this, you need to select the Add Another option. A two-time entry windows will display- the first entry window should be for your Standard hours and the second your Additional Time:

You can view the totals split between core time and additional time at the bottom of your timesheet. The green icon shows when you have more than one Time Entry.

Hopefully, you can now add Additional Time to your Timesheets to capture any Additional or Over time on your Project(s) or Internal Code(s). This detailed overview of Time spent will give you more insight into your Project costs and estimate future workload and staff allocation.


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