Update Rejected Timesheet Entries

CMap has made it really easy to update and resubmit your timesheet if a timesheet entry is rejected by your Line Manager or Project Manager. This article outlines the steps to take when a Timesheet has been rejected. Rejected Timesheets are flagged on your Rejected Timesheets Dashboard Box, which looks like this:

Internal Codes are grouped at the top in the order they appear in your Timesheet. Projects are grouped at the bottom- after Internal Code - and ordered by Project number.

1. When you notice a Rejected Timesheet entry on your Dashboard, you need to contact your CMap Admin user and ask them to re-open your Timesheet on the relevant week.

2. Read the Approver’s comments in the Reason box so that you know why the timesheet entry has been rejected.

3. Once your Timesheet has been re-opened, you can access it by selecting the Time + Expenses tab on your Dashboard and press Timesheets.

4. Once you have amended your Timesheet entry, make sure you press Submit.

Once you have pressed Submit, the amended Timesheet will flag to your line Manager or Project Manager to be approved. As soon as they approve the changes, the Timesheet entry will be removed from your Rejected Timesheets Dashboard Box.

Hopefully, you now know how to update a Rejected Timesheet entry and make the necessary changes required as requested by your Line Manager or Project Manager.


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