Submit Time in CMap Go

The CMap Go App has been designed to make it quick-and-easy for users to submit their timesheets on their Mobile Phone or Tablet, while on the move and away from their laptops.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • Access your Timesheet
  • Book Time in your Timesheet
  • Remove a Timesheet entry
  • Submit your Timesheet entry

Access your Timesheet

1. Select the Timesheet module. This contains all of the data for your current Timesheet week in CMap.

2. You now have two options:

  • Submit Time to a specific day: Select the day you would like to Submit Time to from the top of the panel then you can submit Time to a Project or an Internal Code.
  • Add a whole week of Time to a Project or an Internal Code: You need to check that you have Monday's Timesheet entry open to start with.

Book Time in Your Timesheet

Book Time to an Internal Code

1. To add some Time for an Internal Meeting, click on the number of Hours for Internal Time (highlighted in blue). A pop-up entry panel for Internal Meetings for this week will open up.

2. Enter the number of hours for Internal Meetings for the selected day.

You can add any notes that are required in the Notes text box.

3. Once you are happy with the entry, press Save.

Book Time to a Project

To book Time to a Project, you need to click on the blue hours value on the Project and enter the details into the pop-up entry panel.

When booking Time to a Project, you can include optional information:

  • You can add the Task that you have worked on
  • You can use the Add Another function for Project Time, which means you can easily add different time entries to the same task on the same day.

Add a new line to the Timesheet

To add a new line to the Timesheet, use the Add Button at the bottom of the panel. Clicking this gives you the option to add either a Project or an Internal Code line to the Timesheet.

Notice that you have some totals next to the Add Button. On the left, there is the total number of hours booked on the day selected in the Timesheet. The other is the total number of hours in the Timesheet for the whole week.

Remove a Timesheet Entry

To remove an Internal Meeting or a Project, simply press Remove, which appears at the bottom of an open pop-up entry panel.

Submit your Timesheet

Once your Timesheet is complete, press Submit, which you will find at the top of the panel. This will submit the Time and move on to the next Timesheet week, just like CMap does.

Hopefully, you now know how to book Time to Internal Codes and Projects in CMap Go, as well as add new lines for additional entries and remove any entries that are no longer required. Remember to Submit your Timesheet entry at the end of the week so that you're ready to move on to the next Timesheet week.


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