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CMap has the functionality to enable users to submit both Project Expenses (the Expenses incurred in relation to a specific Project) and Non-Project Expenses (for example, the Expenses incurred in relation to internal travel between offices).

  1. From your Dashboard, go to the Time + Expenses tab and select Expenses. Here, you can see any claims that have been made and their status.

  2. Click on the  button in the right- hand side of the screen. A new screen will appear.

    By default, the name of the Expense form is given as the Month of the Expenses but you can amend this and call it something else if you wish to do so. 

  3. A blank Expense form will appear. Add Expenses into your claim form by completing the fields under Add an Expense Item. You can change the Category for the Claim, which will change the fields for you to complete.

    If the expense is Project related, remember to complete the Project field so that the expense can be logged against the project. If the expense is not project-related, leave the Project field blank.

    It is possible to add a receipt to your Expense claims by adding an attachment (such as a scanned receipt) into the Expense item. This field will appear when you select Yes for a Receipt.

  4. Complete all of the fields and click on the Save button. Your claim will then move up to the Claim Items section.

  5. Continue to add Expense items until they are all under the Claim Items list and then click Submit Expense Claim. Press Yes when asked whether you are sure.

    What happens next?

    • The Expense Claim status will update from Open to Awaiting FIN Approval. You will be able to monitor the status of your claim whilst it is being processed.
    • Should your Expense claim be rejected, CMap will automatically send you an email to say that your Expenses have been rejected and the approver will be able to write notes explaining their decision. 
    • If you need to go back into your Expenses to adjust them and resubmit them, this is still possible at this stage. An Expense item can be deleted at any stage by clicking on the 'X' at the end of the line.

    Learn More:
    Want to learn more... here's the full article on Submitting Expenses.


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