CMap Grids

Grids are used widely throughout CMap and are a useful tool for displaying data that you would like at your fingertips. Although the data within the Grids may differ, the functionality of how the Grids work is fundamentally the same. Grid views are available for Companies, Contacts, People, Leads, Potential Projects and Live Projects.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Grid Views
  • Grid Filters
  • Ordering & Sorting 
  • Inline Edits
  • Updating Custom Fields within the Grids

Grid Views

Standard Views

All Grids come with a set of "Standard Views". There is also the option to create and save your own Views. 

To change to a different view, select the mceclip0.png icon, which appears in the Grid heading. The list of available views will be shown. Click on the View you wish to change to.


CMap will remember the last view you selected and will default to this view when you navigate back to a Grid page.

Custom Views

As well as the “Standard Views", you also have the ability to create your own by selecting and ordering the columns that are included in the Grid. To create your own view, select the "Actions" menu and then click "Customise Columns".


A pop-up window will appear showing all of the available columns you can choose from. The columns shown on the view you have currently selected will be ticked by default.


To add or remove columns, tick the checkbox alongside the item of information you would like to include.

To re-order the position of the columns in the Grid, click on the mceclip4.png icon on the right-hand side of each selection in the list and drag in to a new position. Once you have selected and ordered your columns, click Apply Changes.

The Grid will update to show you your selection. If you would like to save this View so that you can use it again, click the Actions menu and this time, select Save View.

A pop-up window will appear, which asks you to give your new View a short and descriptive name. Enter the name you would like for this new View and click Save.


Your new View will now be available to select from the Views menu.


Depending on the type of data you are viewing, there are different options for filtering the columns within the Grids.



Dropdown Lists








Ordering & Sorting

You can order and sort the information displayed within a Grid by clicking on the column header you would like to sort by. If you click the same column header again, it will reverse the sort order of that column. You can see which column is being sorted and the direction from the arrow displayed within the column header.


Inline Edits

Some of the fields within Grids are editable inline within the Grid itself. You can tell which fields are editable by themceclip5.pngicon, which is displayed when you hover over a cell.


To edit the value, click the mceclip5.png icon, which will make the cell editable. Change the value to a new one and then click away from the cell. The value will be updated automatically without the need to save.

Updating Custom Fields within the Grids

With the Spring 2022 release of CMap, we've added in a new feature that will allow you to update Custom Fields via the Grids in the following CMap areas: Projects, Pipeline, Leads, People, Contacts and Companies. In addition to this, we've made a lot more of the Standard CMap fields editable.

You cannot update every field within the Grids such as Client Company, Percent Completes etc. This is to ensure fields like these are accurately being updated within the Project itself.

To edit a field, if you hover over the field you'd like to update, you should see a Pencil icon as indicated below:


If you select the mceclip5.png icon, you will either get:

  • A dropdown list: This pulls through the relevant options for you to select from, for example, if you are amending an Owner.
  • A text field: This allows you to make changes to the text, for example, if you are updating the Project Title.


The same logic also applies to the Custom Fields. 


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