Activities Grids

The Activities function allows you to associate tasks against your Users / People, Contacts, Companies, Leads, and Projects. Once an Activity has been added, there are different ways it can be accessed and viewed in CMap. This article will outline how to use the Activities Grid in CMap.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Activity Views
  • Search Activities
  • Actions menu

Activity Views

You can select the Activity Dashboard view to suit your needs. Simply click into the relevant view at the top of the grid.

Activities Grid

The default view to see view key fields for multiple Activities. The search bar along the top of the grid not only allows you to search but also select filters.

Activities Gantt

The Gantt view will provide more options for updating the start / end dates of Activities by using the drag and drop functionality.

Activities Calendar

The Activities calendar is very effective option for viewing the actions that have been created and that are due to be completed each day.

Search Activities

The Activities Grid can be filtered to allow you to refine your view. The search bar along the top of the grid not only allows you to search but also select filters.

Simply click into the search bar under the relevant heading and select the filter from the options that are listed.

The Activities Grid and Activities Calendar are also available as a Dashboard to enable easy access when you login to CMap.

Actions menu

The Actions Menu can be found in the top left-hand corner of your screen. If you click on the Action Menu, a list of options will appear.

Move Dates

You can move the dates of the Activities individually or in bulk. Just select which Activities you wish to move by ticking the box on the left-hand side of the Activity, or alternatively to bulk update all Activities, select the tick box in the search bar.

Once you have selected the activities you wish to move, click on Move Dates in the Actions Menu and the following box will appear.

Add the number of Days you wish the Activities to be moved by (this can also be a negative number to move the dates backwards) and click Save.

Update Responsible Person

Updating the person the Activities are allocated to works in the same way as Move Dates. You can select individual activities or bulk update.

Highlight the Activities that you wish to update, and select Update Responsible Person from the Actions Menu. The following box will appear.

Simply select the person you wish to transfer the task to and click Save.

Mark as Complete

This feature also works in the same way as Move Dates and Update Responsible Person. Select the Activities you wish to complete, this can be one or multiple, and click on Mark as Completed in the Actions Menu.

The following box will appear to confirm that you are sure that you want to mark the activities as completed.

Click Yes and the update will be made.


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