Activities Overview

The Activities function allows you to associate tasks against your Users / People, Contacts, Companies, Leads, and Projects. This article provides an overview on the Activities functionality in CMap to help you get up-and-running and using Activities to manage your day-to-day tasks in CMap.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Where to use Activities
  • Add new Activities
  • Manage Activities

Where to use Activities

You can add Activities in a multitude of pages within CMap, so the first thing to consider is where you should add the activity.

Activities can be used in the following CMap areas:

  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Leads
  • Pipeline
  • HR

So, for example, if the Activity is just a general note against a Contact and not related to any Project, you will want to add it via the Contact Details page.

Whereas if the Activity relates to a specific Project, you will want to add it via the Project Details page so that it is intrinsically linked to the Project.

Add new Activities

Regardless of where you are adding Activities to in CMap, the set-up process works in the same way.

1. On the chosen page, click on the blobid0.png button in the top left-hand corner.

2. You can then choose to add an Individual Activity or Add From a Template.

Add an individual Activity

1. Click Add an Activity and the Add an Activity pop-out will appear, prompting you to complete the following fields:





Provide a short description of the Activity.



 If required, more detailed notes can be recorded.



If relevant, browse and upload a file, such as a proposal, email, spreadsheet, etc.



Set a responsible individual for the Activity.

Note: This defaults to you, but you can set Activities for other users and use the My Delegated Activities dashboard to monitor them.



Select a Contact at the Company to relate the Activity to.

Note: this option will only appear if relevant.

Start Date


Set a Date for your Activity to start from.

Due Date 


Set a Date for your Activity to be completed.



Set what type of Activity it is e.g., Telephone Call, Meeting, Email, etc.



Set whether it’s an Open (i.e., waiting to be actioned) or Completed activity.

2. Once you have completed the fields above, click Save.

Add an Activity from a Template

1. To add an activity from a template, click Add From a Template and the Add Activities From a Template pop-out will appear.

2. Here, you should set a Start Date and select the pre-defined template of Activities that you wish to apply.

3. Click Save and the list of Activities will automatically appear.

Manage Activities

You are only able to Edit and Delete an activity if you are the person that created the activity or the person that the activity was delegated to.

However, the Global Activity Edit permission will allow users with this permission ticked to edit/delete activities which are not theirs or delegated to them.

Hopefully you should now be able to add new Activities into CMap so that users can keep track of the follow-up actions and reminders that can make the difference between an opportunity going cold, and a big win. CMap’s My Activities Dashboard box can be for keeping track of outstanding Activities.

Want to learn more... here's an article on Activity Templates. 



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