Locking and Unlocking a Stage in the BvA

Once a Project Stage has been completed, it can be useful to "lock" the Stage so that no further time can be booked, especially once you've performed your review of the Budget v Actuals. A Stage can be "locked" on the Budget v Actuals Page in CMap. This article will show you how to "lock" a Stage so that no further time can be booked to it in CMap.

1. From your Dashboard, head to the Projects tab, find your Project and click on its Project No-Title.

2. Click on the Budget vs Actual tab.

3. Head to the Budget vs. Actual breakdown. Under the column heading Progress, click on the Percentage. A box will appear showing the progress of your Stages to date.

4. On the left-hand side of the box, you will notice a padlock symbol. Click on the unlocked padlock to lock the stage. The padlock will close.

5. Click Close at the bottom of the page and the stage will then be locked to the users so they cannot book time to it within their Timesheet.

You simply click on the locked padlock again to unlock it, so that users can book time to the stage if required. 

Hopefully you can now lock or unlock stages in the Budget vs Actual area to prevent users being able to book time to any project stages. Project managers can then manually update this when the stage is being worked on.


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