Copy Activities from the Fee Estimator

The Activities feature is a great way of keeping track of each Project Task. The Tasks entered in the Fee Estimator can be easily copied and Activities created for each Task so that each Task can be easily assigned and its completion tracked. This article will outline how to use the "Copy from Fee Estimator" tool to create the Fee Estimator Tasks as Activities.

To use this option, first ensure that your Fee Estimator is properly filled-out with the various tasks that make up the project. Then, go to the Activities page within the project.

1. From your Dashboard, you can access Pipeline Projects from either the CRM tab or the Projects Click on Pipeline and you will be taken to the Potentials area. To access a Live Project, go to the Projects tab.

2. Click on the Project No-Title that you wish to copy activities from the Fee Estimator.

3. Go to the Activities tab. Click on the  icon. Select Copy from Fee Estimator from the drop-down list.

4. A pop-up box will appear asking If you wish to continue. Click Yes.

CMap will automatically create an activity for each task within the Fee Estimator. The activity will be populated as follows:

Activity Description

Task name

Notes Task notes
Attachment Not set
Source The project
Responsible  The user that actions the feature
Contact Not set 
Start Date Stage start date if set, else project start date
Due Date Same as the Start Date above


Not set



Hey presto! You should now be able to copy from the Fee Estimator so that activities for each task within the Fee Estimator are automatically created. This will save you time and avoid duplication.


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