Winning Workstages (A&E)

CMap has been designed to enable individual workstages to be won as you are given the go-ahead from your Clients. Winning a workstage could not be easier in CMap, simply update the WorkStage's Probability to "100%". This article with outline how to win a workstage and the impact this has on the available functionality for that Project and Workstage in CMap.

1. From your Dashboard, go to the Projects tab and select Live Projects. Here you’ll see a list of your projects, so simply find the project and click on the Project No-Title.

2. Head to the Fee Estimator Scroll down to the Fee Plan table.

3. Find the relevant Workstage. At the end of the row, click on the  icon.

4. Adjust the Probability of the Workstage to 100% using the drop-down and click Save.

A red dot may appear on the left-hand side of the screen, next to the Workstage that you have just approved.  If you have this functionality switched on, an email will then be sent to the person that you have set as the “Approver” in order for them to be notified of the Workstage being complete.

So what happens next?

Now that the Workstage has been won, you will notice a couple of changes in other areas of CMap.

1. Budget vs Actual: You will see the Workstages with the Probabilities set to 100% now have the Budget bar set to blue – indicating they have been Won- the client has agreed to be billed for the Workstage.

2. Invoicing: You will see the Invoice Schedule has now been populated to reflect the projected Invoicing Schedule from the Fee Estimator and made them billable invoices.

Hopefully you now understand how to win Workstages in CMap and the impact that this has on other areas in CMap, such as the Budget vs Actual page and Invoicing. Project Managers can also use the Unapproved Stages Report to keep track of any approved or unapproved stages on their projects.


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