Fee Estimator Templates

Templates offer an efficient, time-saving function as well as a mechanism for generating consistency in resourcing models and Project Fees for similar Projects. This article will outline how to create a Fee Estimator Template, edit an existing Fee Estimator Template, and archive a Fee Estimator Template that is no longer required.

1. From your Dashboard, go to the Projects Select either Pipeline (for a Potential Project), or Live Projects. Click on the Project No-Title and then select the Fee Estimator tab. 

2. Click the Actions menu in the top-right of the Fee Estimator tool.

3. Click Save As Template in the menu.

If Save As Template doesn’t appear in this menu, you do not have the security permission, so speak to your CMap Admin user who can enable this for you.

4. A pop-out box will appear with the following options:

  • Overwrite an existing template: Use this option if you wish to overwrite a template to update it with a more current, accurate version for people to use moving forward.
  • Enter the name for this new fee estimator template: Use this option if you want to store it as a new template for people to use moving forward.

5. Click the Save button. Your template will now be available to use for future Fee Estimates.

It is wise to consider the name(s) you give to Templates, as they will need to be sufficiently detailed/helpful to allow users to select an appropriate Template to use as their starting point.

Remove a Template

This tool is used to archive (i.e., remove) obsolete or erroneous Templates. Archived templates will be removed from the list of Templates your users can choose from when they come to build their Fee Estimate.

1. Go into the Admin tab, find the Fee Estimator Templates tool and click it.

2. Select the appropriate Office from the dropdown list.

All the saved Fee Estimator Templates you have saved to that Office will be listed.

3. Locate the Fee Estimator Template you wish to remove and click the 'X' next to it.

If you wish to edit a Fee Estimator Template, you simply select the appropriate amendments in the Fee Estimator tool itself, then when you come to save the Template select the Overwrite an existing template function.


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