Projected Margin Tab

The Projected Margin Tab is found within the Fee Estimator. It uses the budgeted information from the Fee Estimator along with the Role Cost Rates set in the Finance section of CMap to indicate what the Estimated Profit / Margin for the Pipeline Project will be.


The information displayed in the Projected Margin tab is explained below.

  • Time Fee: The Sale Value of all Time (using the Rate Card) plus any Adjustments
  • Additionals - Sales Price: The Sale Value of Additionals
  • Total Project Price: Time Fee + Sale Value of Additionals
  • Time Cost: The Cost Value of Time (using Role Cost Rates)
  • Additionals - Cost Price: The Cost Value of Additionals
  • Total Cost: Time Cost + Cost Value of Additionals
  • Estimated Profit: Total Project Price – Total Cost
  • Estimated Profit Margin: (Estimated Profit / Total Project Price) * 100

If you are viewing a Snapshot of a Fee Estimator, the Projected Margin displays values as per the budget information in that Snapshot.


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