Fee Estimator Approvals

The Fee Estimator has two key purposes: (1) it is the basis of the calculation of the Fee that is going to be charged to the customer and secondly, it holds the budgeted days and other costs which are expected to be incurred to deliver the project.
Once the Fee Estimator has been set up, you may want this to be approved by a senior member of staff before the quote / proposal is sent to the client. An optional feature is available called "Fee Estimator Approvals" that enables you to request and approve Fee Estimators before the Project can be Won in CMap.

1. From your Dashboard, you can access Pipeline Projects from either the CRM tab or the Projects tab. Click on Pipeline and you will be taken to the Potentials area. To access a Live Project, go to the Projects tab.

2. Click on the Project No-Title that you wish to access. Go to the Fee Estimator tab. Click  in the top right-hand corner.

3. In the Approvers text box, type the Name of your preferred approver. Click Add.

When adding approvers via the View/Set Approvers form, the drop-down list of departments is purely there to limit the search for approvers to people within the selected departments. You do not need to invite an approver from every department.

What happens next?

1. An email will then be sent to your approver, asking them to Approve or Reject the Fee Estimate for your Project.

2. As each approver approves the Fee Estimate, CMap checks to see if all of the invited approvers have granted approval. If they have, CMap triggers the next stage which is to automatically email all Finance Admin users for the relevant office that have a budget approval range that covers the value of the project in question.

3. Once any of the invited Finance Admins have approved the Fee Estimate, CMap will automatically send an email to the Project Manager confirming that approval has been received and notifying them that the Win the Project button is now enabled.

At any point, a finance admin with the appropriate range can go into the fee estimate and approve it. If they do this, the Win the Project button will be enabled regardless of whether or not the invited approvers have approved the fee estimate yet.

Hey presto! Hopefully you now understand how to set and view approvers for your Fee Estimates and understand the process that follows.


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