Project Details Overview

The Project Details page in CMap lists out all the key details about each Project. While this information will be entered when the Project is created, we recommend it is reviewed regularly to ensure that the key Project Details are recorded accurately and kept up-to-date. The information shown on this Page in CMap will vary based on your CMap set-up. For example, Custom Fields can be added and Dropdown lists configured.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Key Project Details
  • Actions Menu
  • Story So Far
  • Project Teams
  • Project Thumbnail
  • Linked Projects
  • More Information
  • Project Bio

Key Project Details

  1. At the top of this page, you will see the Project Number and Project Title. You will see the Company associated with the project underneath.

  2. Underneath this, you’ll see a range of fields that were populated when the project was created.

    Field name



    Who the lead contact at the client company is.


    The office to which the Project will belong (i.e. the Lead Office).

    Estimated Price

    An estimated Price when the project is at an early stage.

    Estimated Start Date

    The predicted Start Date of the project.
    Note: This will determine the month CMap will start to forecast fees.

    Estimated End Date

    The predicted End Date of the project.
    Note: This will determine the month CMap will finish forecasting fees.

    PO Number

    The Client Purchase Order number(s) related to this project.
    Note: These will be available to include on your Invoice (if applicable).


    The sector to which the client belongs.

    Project Type

    The type of service you will be providing on the project.

    Lead Source

    Where the Project has come from.

    Project Manager

    The individual accountable for the day-to-day delivery of the Project.


    Co-Pilot(s) are granted identical screen-views at the Project Manger. There’s no limit on the number of Co-Pilots. 


    An individual with a vested interest in the Project. Only one user can be assigned as the Owner.

    This information can be easily edited by clicking on the icon next to the Project Number and Title, or by heading to the Actions menu and selecting Edit.

  3. Next to this table of information, you’ll see that the next section provides a view of the Status, Value and Progress of this Project.

    Actions Menu

    Under the Actions menu at the top of the Project Details screen, you can perform the following:

    Action Outcome
    Edit Edit the Project Details shown at the top of the Project Details page.
    Close Project

    This will move the project out of view and Users will no longer be able to book time or be resourced to the project.

    Copy this Project Create a duplicate copy of the Project to save building a similar project from scratch.
    Extend this Project This will create a Project Extension, which will be a standalone project, but linked with the existing project so it can be reported on together once live.
    Set as Favourite The project will appear in Your Favourite Projects list.

    You can also reverse any actions that you take here, so for example, should you close a project and wish to re-open it, you can perform this here.

    Story So Far

    The Story So Far table provides an overview of how the project is going to date.  It gives the user a quick view of whether the project is currently working to budget or not.

    Want to learn more... here's an article on Margin-Based Story so Far. 

    Project Teams

    The Project Teams panel allows you to add a number of different Contacts, Companies and Internal Staff to your project, formulating your Project Team. 

    Want to learn more... here's an article on Project Teams. 

    Project Thumbnail

    Here you can upload an image to show when viewing or searching for a project.

    Linked Projects

    If your project relates to other project(s), you can link them to view an amalgamated Budget vs Actual.

    More information

    This shows when the Project was created and when the Project was Won.

    Project Bio

    A free text box to capture information about the project. This will be displayed in the table at the top of the Project Details page, alongside other key project information.


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