Staff Utilization Report

The Staff Utilization Report details the forward-looking projection of utilization for each of your staff (group by role) comparing working hours to resourcing allocation and unavailable time (e.g. time off). Every user also has an individual breakdown. The Report enables you to see when you are heading towards a period where demand outweighs capacity and it’s time to consider hiring. 

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Location of the Report
  • Explanation of Conditional Formatting 
  • Explanation of the Totals section

Location of the Report

The Staff Utilization report can be found in the following areas in CMap:


1. Head to the Reports tab. 

2. Select Standard Reports.

3. Click Resourcing and then select Staff Utilization.


1. Head to the People tab. 

2. Click Resourcing and select Resourcing Reports.

3. Under Core Reports, you can select Staff Utilization.


1. Head to the Projects tab and select either Pipeline or Live Projects.

2. Go to the Resource Schedule.

3. Click the More Stuff menu and you can select Staff Utilization.

Explanation of Conditional Formatting

The Staff Utilization report uses conditional formatting to draw your attention to each employee and their utilization, i.e., have they been fully resourced to projects.

The conditional formatting works as so: 

  • Red: 0—20% utilization 
  • Amber: 20—75% utilization 
  • Green: 75—100% utilization 
  • White cell with red outline: >100% utilization (i.e. the user is over-allocated) 


Explanation of the Totals section:

  • Current Staff: The number of FTEs available in that time period.
  • Time Off / Internal Codes: The number of FTEs on time off / resourced to internal codes in that time period.
  • Allocated: The number of FTEs allocated to projects in that time period.
  • Placeholders: The number of FTEs required to fulfil placeholder demand in that time period.
  • Available / Overspill: The number of additional/fewer FTEs required in that time period  (Current Staff – Time Off / Internal Codes – Allocated – Placeholders = Available / Overspill). 


In the image above, you can see that utilization is pretty optimal for the next 7 weeks, but as of the week of 26th April, we have an Overspill of around 1 FTE. In this situation, we have a couple of things we can consider: 

1. Do we have available FTE in other roles that could cover the excess demand? 

2. Does this look like a peak (as in we return to our current FTE level shortly after) or does this look like sustained demand, in which case we need to plan to hire? 

Hopefully, you now understand how to use the Staff Utilization report to help you identify when you are heading towards a period where demand outweighs capacity and it’s time to consider hiring. 


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