Project Dates

On the Project Details Page, the Project Dates can be set up. These dates are really important as key project functionality can only occur during this period. For example, you will only be able to forecast and recognised revenue, schedule future resources and set Project Stage Dates within the period between the Project Start and End Date. 

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Project Details
  • Project Grid
  • Fee Estimator

Project Details

As the Stage Dates and Project Dates are related but can be edited independently, we have made it as easy as possible within CMap to manage these no matter where you are making changes.

If you edit the Project Start Date and set this to a date which is later than the earliest Stage Date or the Project End Date that is earlier than the latest Stage Date, the below pop-up will be shown to assist you in moving the stage dates accordingly.

The tool will provide suggestions as to what the new stage dates should be but with the option to exclude changing any of the stages, which must be updated due to the change in the project dates.

This pop-up will only be shown for projects where the stage dates have been edited. If the stage dates haven't been changed, and this is on a potential project, then they will automatically be updated to match the Project Start and End Dates.

Project List (Grid)

Within the Project List (Grid) pages, you have the ability to edit the Start and End dates here. This makes for quick and easy adjustments without having to navigate into each Project details page. Simply click on the  icon to make changes and select the new date from the calendar.

Fee Estimator

When you are managing your stage dates within the Fee Estimator, the Project Start and End dates will be updated automatically if your stage dates are set outside of the current Project dates.

If your Stage Date is set before the Project Start Date then the Project Start Date will automatically update to the earliest Stage Date. If the Stage Date is set to later than the Project End Date, the Project End Date will automatically be updated to the latest Stage Date.


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