Resource Schedule

The Resource Schedule enables Project Managers to book team members to a Project, recording the time they are expected to work on the Project over the upcoming days, weeks and months. This enables the Team Member to accurately plan their workload and Directors to ensure staff are effectively utilised.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Resource Schedule Overview
  • Set up the Resource Schedule
  • Project Financials
  • More Stuff menu

Resource Schedule Overview

In the Projects Module, each Project has a Resource Schedule based on the roles and stages entered in the Fee Estimator. Resources are allocated to each Workstage.

Time can then be allocated in future weeks which will also appear on the individual’s CMap Dashboard. Once timesheet entries have been submitted and time charged to a Project, this will also appear in the Resource Schedule.

When time charged is less than the time resourced, the additional time not used will automatically move back into the “Hours/Days Remaining” column so it can be used if needed in future weeks.

Where time charged is more than the time resourced, the Hours Remaining column will show as a negative and the financial impact on the total Project Budget is show in the top summary box. If staff are not up-to-date with their timesheets, the resourced time will show in yellow until the timesheet has been completed.


Set up the Resource Schedule

The Resource Schedule is set up in the Project's area, within the Resource Schedule tab.

The key steps for completing the Resourcing Schedule are set out below:

1. If no user has been resourced to the project, when you click Add Person, you will be given the option to either add a Placeholder or Add Person to the project. If a person has been added to the project, then you will see the following options when clicking on their name:

Option Description
Show availability panel This opens up a window showing the resource’s availability.
Auto Schedule

This will spread the budgeted time evenly across a person, workstage, or the entire project.

Note: If the Auto Schedule is not accurate, either update Stage Dates and re-perform or manually update any Budgeted Hours in the Resource Schedule

Block Schedule Schedule a role using From and To dates, or set a number of Days Per Week.
Move Schedule Move a role by setting the From date and setting the number of weeks.  You can select to move all resourcing here, by clicking the tick box. 
Clear Schedule You can clear the Schedule for an individual user, by workstage or for everyone.
Switch to Someone Else Here you can switch the current user to a different user from the list available.
Remove Here you can remove the user from the resource, or remove them from the entire project.

2. You can manually update the Budgeted Days column- this has been pulled from the Fee Estimator. 

Red exclamation warnings notifies you that users who are not resourced to the project have started to book time against the project.​If you select the exclamation a pop-out will appear showing which users have booked time to the Project, you can then Select a Role and Add the user to the Project. 


3. Check the Time Remaining column to ensure that all Budgeted Hours have been resourced. 

Project Financials

At the top of the Resource Schedule, you’ll see an overview of key project financial details.


Project Financials Definition
Project Budget

The target budget resource spend for the project.

Booked So Far The value of time booked so far (driven by submitted timesheets). Use the Exclude Additional Time checkbox to include/exclude the value of additional time.
Future Schedule The value of the future resource schedule.
Under/Over Budget

The difference between the time booked so far + the future schedule to the project budget.

More Stuff Menu

Clicking on the More Stuff menu on the right-hand side will allow you to perform the following functions:

  • Staff Utilization: Access the Staff Utilization report
  • Staff Availability: Access the Staff Availability report
  • Show Timeline Overlay: This pulls through the project’s Stage dates
  • Show non-budgeted Roles: Include Roles that have not been budgeted for in the Fee Estimator.
  • Build Budget from Resourcing: Select the stages you wish to generate budget amounts for.


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