Workload Schedule

The Workload Schedule is a useful tool to manage resourcing across a team, providing a quick way to view which team members are "on the bench" so that resource bookings can be re-allocated using the visual drag-and-drop functionality, making it easier to process changes and identify under/over allocations.

The Workload Schedule’s visual drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to resolve resourcing issues and update staff schedules as issues arise.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Why use the Workload Schedule
  • Available Views
  • Color Coding
  • Update resource allocations

Why use the Workload Schedule?

1. The Workload Schedule will not prevent bookings being made that exceed the Budgeted Days.​

2. We recommend that Project Managers review the Resources allocated to their Projects on a weekly basis and confirm that:​

  • Resource allocations meet project demand, flagging any de-bookings.​
  • Confirming the Project will be delivered on Budget, using the Project Summary Box in the Resource Schedule.

We recommend that the Workload Schedule is used on a weekly basis to review Resourcing for the following week. ​

Available Views

There are two views available in the Workload Schedule. These are the Bench View and the Role view. The View option can be changed within the filters upon first accessing the Workload Schedule:


Bench View

This is a user-view which is split into two sections; those who are assigned to projects in the current week and those who are available (on the bench). 


Role View

This view is ordered by the Default Roles set against your user’s profiles. In the use case where a particular user has been over-allocated, this would a good view to use if you would like to re-allocate some of that resourcing to another user with the same role and more availability. 


Colour-coding is used to help identify the different booking types and whether a Resource has availability​:


Update resourcing allocations

There are a variety of different ways to update resource allocations in the Workload Schedule:​

1. Click into an Available slot and search for the Project, Stage and Role.​


2. Drag, drop and resize and existing booking, including moving to an alternative Resource.​

This can be a quick method of transferring Placeholders to specific Resources.​

3.. Click on an existing booking to:​

  • Add a new assignment​
  • Change the Start / End Dates​
  • Split the assignment so that it can be allocated to two Resources.​
  • Switch to Someone Else


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