Using Snapshots

A Snapshot of the Fee Estimator (and Timeline) can be taken to save a current version and enable multiple quotes to be sent to the client. Snapshots are a handy way of keeping a history of multiple versions of a quote created using the Fee Estimator tool. A previous Snapshot can be restored while the Project is in the Pipeline stage should the client decide to proceed with an earlier version of your quote.

In this article, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Save a Snapshot 
  • View a Snapshot

Save a Snapshot 

  1. From your Dashboard, go to the Projects tab. Select either Pipeline (for a Potential Project), or Live Projects.  Click on the Project No-Title and then select the Fee Estimator tab.  
  2. Click the Actions drop-down and select Save Snapshot from the list of options.  A pop-up box will appear where you can enter a suitable name for the Snapshot.  



  3. Click Save Snapshot to complete.  CMap will automatically save a Version of the Fee Estimator, containing all the Fee Stages, Tasks, Roles, Budget Hours / Days, Additionals, Adjustments and the Project Timeline. 

    Every time a client asks for a change to be made, click Save Snapshot to build up a complete list of previous Versions.  

View a Snapshot 

This tool is useful if a client decides they want to progress with a previous version of a quote.  


  1. In the Fee Estimator, click the Actions drop-down menu and select View Snapshot from the list. A pop-out window containing a list of all the previous Versions, including who took the Snapshot.
  2. Click a Version to see what was saved from the Fee Estimator in that Snapshot.
  3. You can now either Close the Snapshot to return to the most recent Version of the Fee Estimator or Restore This Snapshot to bring that Version back into the Fee Estimator.  


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