Outlook Integration Overview

CMap Outlook has been designed to revolutionise the way you work with CMap & Outlook. For example, you can book Time Off, submit your Timesheet and manage your day-to-day Activities within Outlook. Also, when you are emailing a Contact, the integration will automatically highlight any Leads, Projects or Activities associated with that Client to help you have more meaningful client discussions. We've also made the installation process very simple too, so your can get set up in minutes.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Install the Integration
  • Access CMap through Outlook
  • CMap functionality in Outlook

Install the Integration

  1. To find CMap for Outlook, click on the mceclip0.png in the top of your Outlook menu bar.
  2. This should open up a page with some suggested add-ins. In the search bar, search for CMap and then click on the option CMap for Outlook - you should see the familiar CMap logo next to this.
  3. You will be taken to a page with more information about CMap for Outlook and you should then see a blue Add button at the top of the page. Click this and confirm to install.
  4. Once completed, you can then click Get Started or simply close the window, go back to Outlook and click on the CMap icon, which will now appear in the Outlook Menu bar. This should then open a new panel to the right-hand side of your Outlook Window. 

Access CMap through Outlook

Once you have added CMap for Outlook through the Microsoft Store, you should see CMap’s icon in the Outlook Header bar.

  1. Click on the Screen_Shot_2018-12-12_at_12.01.01.png icon and this will open the CMap panel on the right side of Outlook.

    To keep the panel open at all times, just click the little pin icon in the top section of the panel. 

  2. To log into CMap through Outlook just enter your CMap domain.

    That's the link that you type into your browser to access CMap, but only the bit before you type "cmaphq.co" into the first box.

  3. Then, enter your email address and your CMap password (the ones you usually log into CMap with) into the following boxes: 


  4. Then click Login

    If you have forgotten your password, or are having any issues logging in, you can use the I forgot my login details link and follow the steps to reset it.

CMap functionality in Outlook

Now let’s have a look at what you see when you first log into the add-in. This is your CMap for Outlook Homepage...


Wherever you are in the add-in, you can always get back to the Homepage by clicking on the CMap Logo in the Blue Header bar.

Below the menu bar, you can then see the available modules in CMap for Outlook.

CMap Functionality Description

Complete your CMap Timesheet right within Outlook, there's no need to log into CMap, you have all of the tools you need to complete, edit and submit your timesheets here.

Time Off  View your current Time Off allowances without having to log into CMap. See upcoming time off and even submit a Time Off request.
Contacts View your CMap Contacts. You'll see all of their details including any activities and projects related to the contact, and you can click through to view more details or launch a project in CMap. You can add new Contacts here too.
Activities Use this panel to view your CMap Activities in detail and mark them as completed. You can add new activities simply by using the Quick Add menu in the blue bar.

Other Features

We've added some useful functions into the blue menu bar too. 

Search bar

The search enables you to quickly search the CMap Contacts database for a contact and view their details.


Menu Option

You can use this to get back to the Homepage or any of the other available add-in Modules.  


Quick Add icon

Click this icon to quickly add a new Contact, Activity or Lead which is really useful.



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