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The CMap Pages feature has been developed to update existing Pages and enable you to build Custom Pages to increase the business processes that can be managed within CMap. When creating a new Custom Page, there are two available formats: Single Record (where only one data set is required for each record (e.g. Project / Company/ Contact); or Multi-Record (where you want to add multiple items to the same record).

In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a Custom Page
  • Add a Custom Field
  • Publish a Custom Page

Create a Custom Page

1. From your Dashboard, head to CMap's Admin area by clicking on the  icon, found on the right-hand side of the page. Under the heading CONTENT select Pages

2. Click the  icon in the top right-hand corner. You will then be given the option to add either a Single Record or Multi Record Page.

3. Click either Single Recorder or Multi-Record. Then select the Page Location you would like to see this sub-page within CMap.  

4. Add a Page Name and then click Add Page. You will be taken to the Page Editor where you can start to build your very own Custom Page.

Add a Custom Field

You now need to define how you want to capture data via creating Custom Fields.

1. On the right-hand side, you will see the Add Custom Field Here you can enter the following information:



Field Type

Select a Field Type from the drop-down list. 

Note: Not all of these options will be relevant to all areas that you can add a Custom Field to:

Text Field: A free text box for the user to add notes or comments (you have the option to set a character limit).

Drop-down List: A list of pre-defined choices the user can choose from.

Date: A pop-out calendar will allow the user to select a date.

Yes/No: A simple Yes/No tick box.

Multi-line Text Field: A free text box that enables the user to add multiple lines of notes/comments.

Multi-Select Dropdown List: A list of pre-defined choices with the ability to select more than one option.

Multi-Select (with score): A list of pre-defined choices with the ability to select more than one option and to add a numerical score.

User Dropdown List: A list of system users to select from.

User Multi-Select Dropdown List: A list of system users with the ability to select several options.

Field Name

Enter the name of your Custom Field.


Enter the name your Custom Field will be identified by if it is to be used as a document bookmark on a document template (See Section 7 for more information on Document Templates).


Enter a brief outline of the data required in this field.

If you have added a Dropdown List or a Multi-Select Dropdown List, you will need to provide the Items that Users can select from, using the Dropdown List Editor tool.

2. You can customise your choices further by selecting the following options:

  • Required Field: Ticking this makes it mandatory field that a User must complete.
  • Private: Ticking this makes the field only visible to members of a specific Security Group
  • Self Serve: Ticking this makes the field available for the User to amend / update themselves within their profile.

3. Once you have completed all relevant information to create the Custom Field, click Add Field. A green bar will appear at the top of the page to confirm that your field has been added successfully.

You can edit, delete, or reorder the Custom Field by using the  icon, the  icon and the  icon, respectively.

Publish your Custom Page

At this stage, the page you are building shows a status of “Pending” and will only be visible to you in the Page Editor screen. Once you have added your Custom Fields you can “Publish” your page, this means that it will then be available for all relevant users to view as long as they have the right permissions in Security Groups. The page status will then show as “Live”.

1. From the Pages tool, click into the Custom Page you would like to publish.

2. On the right-hand side, click Publish Page. The Custom Page will now be Live.  

Should you need to remove the page, you can also click Un-Publish Page so it wil only be visible to you in the Page Editor screen again.

Grant Security Permission

You now need to access the Custom Page within Security Groups.

1. Head back into the Admin Under USERS & SECURITY, you’ll see Security Groups.

2. Click into the Security Group that you would like to grant permission for and then scroll down to Pages.

3. Select the CMap area where the Custom Page is located. When you expand this, you can select the appropriate permissions for the Page from the drop-down menu for:

  • My Projects: Permission that is applied to projects/potentials that the user is either the Creator, Account Manager, Project Manager or Co-pilot for.
  • Other Projects: Permission that is applied to projects/potentials owned by other users.

Want to learn more... here's an article on Security Groups.

Hopefully you can now create brand new Pages in your CMap instance and add Custom Fields to capture any data you require to be stored in the database. Did you know that you can also group Custom Fields that relate to the same area? 

Want to learn more... here's an article on Custom Field Groups. 


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